Is it time for a new mattress? How do you know it's time to upgrade?

Are waking up feeling like you aren’t rested and struggling to be productive at work? Do you have knots and pains in you neck, shoulders and back? Do you even find the sofa more comfortable then bed?

Clipart, pain from sleeping on bad mattress

Continuing to cling on to an old mattress can be the worst thing for the health of you and your partner.

Why wait until seeing problems with your health before doing something? Predicting when a mattress needs to be replaced can be easy. It all depends on the quality, support system and the bed frame it's on.

Almost all mattresses come with at least 5-year warranty so after this time you should start to monitor your sleep and tiredness.

Our mattress and sleep experts suggest the following lifespan depending on the mattress type.

  • Pocket spring mattresses - This is where the coils are individually wrapped to limit movement in the mattress, you should expect a 7-10-year lifespan.
  • Bonell spring systems - Mainly found in Sofa beds, single beds and cheaper models should last around the 5-year range, depending on usage.
  • Higher end mattresses with quality toppers such as latex, memory foam and gel will last longer, and will have anywhere between 10-15-year warranty.
  • Mattress in a box most will come with a 5 year warranty, some even have lifetime but as this is such a new craze so just make sure you do your research. 

Remember, rotating your mattress is very important, it means that the mattress can give you a better sleep for longer which leaves you well rested. We tend to sleep in the same positions every night, so over time its normal to see indentations on the top, particularly when people with different weights are sharing the mattress.

So, if you think it’s time to replace your mattress then it probably is. We recommend going and lying on some mattresses in store. There are a lot of furniture stores in Brisbane and it can become quite confusing with endless options. Come in to our North Lakes store and our experts will be happy to help and give you some guidance. We also offer a 30 night in home trial to make sure it's perfect for you! If you're after a new bed, make sure to visit us at Home Furniture, Bedroom and Mattress first! 


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