Fabric Lounge Suites and Sofas

We’re sure you’ve heard it said that buying a new sofa is an investment piece and a big decision. As you consider buying your new lounge suite in Brisbane, we at Home Furniture, Bedroom and Mattress would like to think that buying your sofa shouldn’t be considered so austerely, but rather should be considered as a choice to enhance your lifestyle, and living space and your comfort.  

Fabric Lounge Suites and Sofas In Brisbane

Certainly, there are plenty of practical considerations to take into account, and we don’t dispute that, but we believe your satisfaction will come from finding the balance between functionality, purpose and cost, and we’re here to offer a quick guide to help you find that balance.

Five Steps To Finding the Right Sofa

  • At Home Furniture Bedroom and Mattress, we believe the first place you should start is with the design. How much space do you have available, how will it be used and what your design and colour preference would be? Should you need any professional advice.
  • Next, examine the frame. Your frame should be sturdy. Some frames will outperform others, and our staff would be happy to advise you on the frame that will work best for you. We also offer huge warranties to give you peace of mind
  • Then it’s time to examine the joints. How the frame is joined together will dictate how sturdy and how long your sofa will last. Seek manufacturer information on the joinery.
  • Lightweight springs are a bad idea as they will cause your sofa to sag, so we advise you to go for a heavier spring. Sit on the corner of the sofa to check for creaks that indicate light springs. 
  • Your fillings are important both to your comfort and aesthetics, with a firm polyurethane filling that’s not too dense or too light being the best option.

A fabric sofa should exude warmth, cosiness and comfort. Choosing a durable easy-to-care fabric ensures your sofa maintains an attractive look. At Home Furniture Bedroom and Mattress, we stock a variety of styles and colours for you to suit everybody’s preferences and lifestyle.

Visit our furniture showroom or browse online if you are looking for a corner lounge suite in Brisbane. Our selections meet the highest quality standards.

Designed With You in Mind

Considering what style of couch you’re looking for, maybe a couch to comfortably nap on, or watch television on, then you’ll certainly want to think about what style of couch would suit you. A couch with a deep seat, and arms styled in a straight, contemporary manner? Or the more comfortable softer rolled arms?

Would you like a high or low-back sofa? A country style or a modern contemporary style? We are certain that our wide selection will give you the opportunity to find exactly what style, design and colour you are looking for.

Buying Furniture With Us is Easy

Drop into our store, or speak to one of our staff members online, who will be more than happy to assist you. We offer payment plans with up to 36 months of interest-free payment, as well as lay-by terms and much more.

Just remember, we’re here to help in whatever way we can.

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