Fabric Bed Frame

If you’re looking to buy fabric bed frames in Brisbane, you’ve come to the perfect place! Here at Home Furniture, Bedroom and Mattress, we’re 100% Australian and we’re sure we have something to suit everyone's unique style preferences.

That’s just one of the things that makes us the top independent furniture outlet in Queensland.

No one does fabric beds quite like us and we’re unbeatable on competitively priced, high-quality furniture products.  Our passion is helping you find superior quality products and the latest styles to bring into your home and fall in love with.

Fabric Bed Frame In Brisbane

Having had 13 years of first-hand experience on the receiving end of furniture retailers at the lower end of the spectrum, it was obvious that the overall quality of furniture products on the market was failing the consumers. This clearly wasn’t good enough from a supplier's or buyer's perspective. Thus, Home Furniture Bedroom and Mattress was founded.

Instead of selling sub-par products that would eventually get returned due to low customer satisfaction, we only sell top-quality products that we 100% trust from reputable companies. We want everyone to be able to enjoy high-end furniture at affordable prices, and that’s why we do what we do. For no other reason than you deserve to have good quality furniture without breaking the bank.

We’re the best place to buy fabric bed frames in Brisbane

Not only can you shop for fabric beds online with us, but you can also visit our extensive half-acre showroom in Aspley. 1424 Gympie Road, Aspley, QLD 4034 to be precise. We know you’re going to find the perfect addition to your living space whether you choose to shop with us online or in-store. Don’t be put off shopping with us because of pushy salespeople - we simply don’t pay commissions, so we don’t have them!

If you come and visit us, we would love to show you around our products and help you to make the perfect choice of furniture for you. Our friendly and professional staff are dedicated and wouldn’t sell you anything that they wouldn’t be proud to have in their own home.

Home Furniture, Bedroom and Mattress is the best independent furniture retailer in Queensland. We are an online furniture store in Brisbane that sells lounge suites, mattresses, Australian-made furniture and much more. Shop online or visit our furniture store in Brisbane. 

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