Modular Lounges

Are you tired of looking at the same old lounge every day? Maybe you’ve moved to a new space and need something bigger, or maybe it’s just time for a change. Either way, we offer a wide selection of modular lounges at our Brisbane and Aspley locations. You’re sure to find something you love when you shop with our company.

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Modular Lounges in Brisbane

At Home Furniture, Bedding and Outdoor, we offer various lounge models with an assortment of customization options. You’ll never have to compromise when you shop with us. We can custom build any model to your size specifications and upholster the finished piece with your choice of premium leathers and fabrics.

A Modular Lounge is the Smart Choice

Variety is what makes life so sweet, and shopping with us is certainly a sweet experience. We’re a fan of modular lounges because they’re one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can buy. A modular lounge is made up of smaller pieces of seating. This means you can break it up and move it around your home. You can also change the overall shape of your sofa or split it apart to create smaller single seats.

This is especially useful if you include a chaise in your lounge design as you can use it as a standalone piece or part of the larger whole. That’s why modular is our preferred choice when it comes to lounge design: it can grow and change with your needs on a daily basis!

Learn How Your Lounge Can Do More

When you take the versatility of a modular sofa and add in a little bit of our innovation, your lounge becomes something so much more! You could even consider mixing and matching fabrics for a customized piece that creates a truly unique feature for your home.

Of course, it’s not always about how things look. So, why not add a little extra storage by choosing a chaise attachment that doubles as a container space for blankets and spare items?

When you rely on innovative design and high-quality materials, there’s no need to worry over limited space. We can even send someone to your home to do measurements at absolutely no charge. That way, you always know you’re making a sound purchasing decision.

Yes, We Have Your Lounge in that Colour

Not only do we have a huge selection of furniture, but we also offer so many options for customization. So, yes, we do have that lounge in that exact colour! What’s more, the fabric has even been treated with a Lifeproof treatment so you know it will stay clean for years.

We also offer different varieties of high-quality leathers and they’re never bonded. Take a look at what we have in stock if you’re out looking for modular leather lounges in the Brisbane area. No matter what you choose or how you have it customized, quality is one thing you can always rely on when you shop with Home.

Home Furniture, Bedding and Outdoor has your new modular lounge

If you’re thinking of trading up that lounge for something new, why stop there? We have furniture for every room in your home, even the one outdoors! You’ll find bed frames, dining suites, bar setups and more at Home Furniture, Bedding and Outdoor. Stop by and see our selection firsthand or browse through our online store today!

We ship throughout the Southeast QLD and have various options available for financing. Your convenience matters to us, and we have very short lead times and no wait for items purchased in-store. That’s why we should be your first stop if you’re looking for modular lounges in Brisbane!

Home Furniture, Outdoor & Bedding is the best independent furniture retailer in Queensland. We are an online furniture store in Brisbane that sells fabric bed frames, fabric chaise lounges, timber bed frames and other furniture. Browse our website further or call us to learn more.

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