Fabric Chaise

Sometimes your space needs something a little extra to stand out. Something that elevates the room and adds a little style with a new brand of comfort. A fabric chaise is just the thing for you if you need extra seating with some added versatility. They’re designed for reclining, but you can use them for so much more than that!

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Fabric Chaise Sofa

A chaise is the best way to catch a quick nap or relax for an evening of reading. It provides a lot of extra space when combined with a lounge, and a quality chaise has a way of making your design really pop.

What Can a Chaise Lounge Do for Your Space?

Today, design centres more and more around conserving space. Apartments and homes are getting smaller and furniture design is quickly catching up to the changing trend. The chaise has been around for a long time and it’s likely to stay that way thanks to innovative changes that make it a great fit for the modern home.

One way this innovation shows is in the use of a Chaise as storage. With their raised back and long body, they’re already a perfect place to catch a quick nap. Now you can store pillows and blankets right where you need them the most, and they’ll be completely hidden from view! Just pop up the top of your chaise, and there they are!

Enjoy Your Chaise as a Standalone or Part of a Lounge

At Home Furniture, Bedding and Outdoor, we offer pre-built and custom-built lounges at very affordable prices. If you don’t have space for a standalone chaise, why not try a chaise lounge sofa? That way, you can enjoy the convenience of having a full sofa and a chaise lounge. Not only that, we offer models where the chaise end of the sofa opens up to create additional storage.

That means you can have everything you want and you’ll end up with extra space! As we mentioned before, we can custom build your lounge to specific dimensions. So, we can tailor to any size or shape for your indoor and outdoor areas.

You’ll Have a Fainting Spell Over Our Pricing

We offer only the highest quality when it comes to our furniture. Our store carries top brands and our custom-built models use only the best in materials and labour. However, we also strive to offer competitive pricing so that everyone can enjoy a little touch of a luxury in their home. With our pricing and financing options, you might even be able to afford a lot of luxury!

We care about offering quality at affordable prices. You see, we got our start working for big furniture stores. Often, we saw low-quality items being sold at top prices by salespeople who relied on commissions to feed their family. You don’t have to worry about that when you shop at Home. We pay fair wages to all our employees, and they never have to rely on making a sale to make their pay. That means you can take their recommendations at face value because their only interest is in helping you find exactly what you’re looking for.

We’ve Got the Perfect Place for Your Afternoon Nap

Whether you have tons of space or you’re feeling a little boxed in, you have room to fit a fabric chaise in your home. It’s the perfect place to cosy up with a book or take a little unplanned afternoon nap. Head over to one of our stores today and check out our selection. We have locations in Brisbane and Aspley and we ship throughout the Southeast QLD.

Welcome To Home is the best independent furniture retailer in Queensland. We are an online furniture store in Brisbane that sells fabric beds, fabric chaise lounges, timber beds and other furniture. Browse our website further or call us to learn more.

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